Sofia Moore

09:57, 20th April 2021, photography

Image description: Photograph of indentation in carpet

My work is chasing a depiction of sanctuary or security, not in the sense of entrapment, quite the opposite – it’s an attempt to capture a sense of freedom. Abandonment in protection or padding, in knowing, tangibility and the physical sensation of being brought back to the present. It’s not about permanence, it’s about a constant of change, a realisation of being okay with nothing staying the same, it’s the little indicators of time passing that allow us to be present, to notice, to observe and to feel that cold whoosh of air when you take a deep breath of acceptance. It’s about that feeling when you lie looking up on a carpeted floor of a room emptied in a home you have either lived in, or will live in. You can smell the carpet, see the dust floating in the air and can feel the warmth of the sun on your face and nothing else matters in that moment. It’s also about the impermanence of people, those surrounding you and the knowledge and signs that they come and go, that you aren’t or haven’t been alone – evidence of humanity in a material world.

Instagram: @lookitsallinmyhead