Amy Wyke

Just over the stile (2021), tiny planet, 360 image

Image description: The landscape is warped to construct a tiny planet which sits in the centre of the image. The image is inverted with a dark stile sat atop of a vivid green and blue tiny planet. The stile stands out, protruding from the circumference of the planet, highlighted by its shadows. A swirling blue and purple sky surrounds the planet. On top of which, creeping tree branches frame the image. In a whirl of purples, blues and greens, the image shifts and reforms as you move it. Drowning you in a distorted, haunted virtual landscape.

My practice explores the extent to which perception may be unique to the individual. I make work that has the capacity for multiple interpretations. A focus on viewer autonomy, along with a persistent interest in making immersive spaces, led me to the creation of 360 imagery. Within this medium I am able to create fully immersive dreamscapes which drown the viewer in a world made strange. Space is a crucial part of my practice. I am heavily influenced by whether or not I, as an artist, feel at ease in my immediate environment. In response to this I find myself creating worlds that embody a deep desire for serenity and escape. That is not to say that I would consider my work serene, quite the opposite; I am interested in interruptions. Investigating how my practice may interrupt your normal mode of perception.

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