Fickle Spaces


Fickle Spaces is the congregation of 84 artists operating within a space that does not exist.

They are stretched across the bedroom, the studio, the digital, the tangible, the fictional, the imaginary, the landscape, and the world. An energy that is usually pinpointed within one physical space is now in flux, emerging into and out of our sight and rising in multiplicity.

Our presence as artists has adopted an unconventional approach to an unprecedented situation – communication fluctuates between being smooth and disjointed, and boundaries are disrupted and bleed into one another. Such an indefinite space is difficult to navigate, but this multiplicity is also where we find our strength, difference, and excitement.

We are situated in the ficklest of spaces, connecting and making amid uncertainty.

Coming to you soon in the physical realm.


Elizabeth Sohyun Ahn • Hannah Ali • Ruth Anderton • Helenya Apostolou • Chloe Atkar • Saskia Ayeche • Sophie Barton • Sarah Birchall • Alexander Bishay • Sian Blake • Jasmine Bragman Usiskin • Isabella Brickhill • Jennifer Brown • Katie Burke • Liam Carter • Natalie Cheung • Felix Clifton • Elena Croenen • Lauren Dickinson-Smith • Katie Dickinson • Eleanor Dunn • Ruby Eady • Charlotte Evans • Melissa Feltham • Scarlet Ford • Abigail Fraser • Melissa Fund • Cameron Gill • India Greenbury • Lara Grint • Thomas Halsall • Olivia Hardy • Martha Harris • Beth Herbert • Anna Higgins • Mia Hoskins • Evie Hubbard • Ellena Hudson • Ibrahim Ince • Iestyn James • Mollie Jessett • Eve Jonas • Lora Juckes-Hughes • Misha Karmiloff • Alexander Karpathios • Laura Kirk • Sidonie Knight • Barbara Larkin • Yat Tung Lau • Zoe Lawrence • Ellen Lear • Nathalie Lloyd-Cope • Mary Lodge • Abigail McGourlay • Holly Mincher • Daisy Mitchell • Bethanie Monk • Sofia Moore • Rachel Murphy • Courtney Newson • Elika Norowzian • Kathleen O’Hara • Carmen Okome • Aniela Preston • Mary Rice • Isabel Rickets • Charlie Roberts • Nina Smith • Matilda Steadman • Abigail Taylor • Jennifer Tett • Briege Thomas • Amy Thraves-Connor • Simona Toneva • Elizabeth Waite • Ashleigh White • Katy White • Sophie White • Ella Witt • Jennifer Wright • Millie-Beth Wright • Amy Wyke • Katherine Youdale • Hang Zhang

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The exhibition will be open 11 to 26 June, Tuesday to Sunday, 11am to 5pm.


Find us in the ficklest of spaces:

School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies
University Road
University of Leeds
Leeds LS2 9JT

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