Eve Jonas

Sanitary Decor, April 2021, Latch Hook with Acrylic yarn, 70cm x 45cm

Image description: This image shows one part of the Sanitary Decor series, the image contains one of three sanitary towels. These latch hook sanitary towels work to create the ‘untouchable’ into a satisfyingly tangible item with decorative qualities. There is an image of a face vaguely visible through the mass of yarn to emphasise a glamour to the items.

The main focus of my work is the study of the ‘feminine’ and where we may find this in contemporary culture. The visual part of all of my work aims to create a kitsch aesthetic, a way to utilise and exaggerate the traditional elements of ‘femininity’ making them threatening rather than docile. Within my work, the processes used are an important element to contribute to this idea of the ‘feminine’; I predominantly use more craft related processes, as a way of capturing the old Victorian view of crafts being woman’s work. My work aims to use ‘crafts’ such as hand embroidery and latch hook to help me use similar historical processes predominantly associated with women to create something that can find its place in high art; create a space for a new femininity.

Instagram: @eve_jonas_art