Millie-Beth Wright

53.805050 -1.554369, 2021, still from animation, 1 minute 26 seconds

Image description: The image shows a still from the animation 53.805050 -1.554369. It visually displays numerical data, that when moving in the animation, form to make the outlines of the Roger Stevens Building at the University of Leeds. The background is black and the numbers are white for projection purposes. The numbers vary in size to show the perspective of the architecture.

With my practice I want to invite an effective response in the viewer through contemplating new perspectives within architectural locations. This is through working with the re-visualisation of buildings and architecture by transposing spaces using projection.

I have been creating animations that make up the outlines of architectural structures in Leeds. These lines consist of numerical data generated by the buildings themselves. For example: the coordinates, the lux levels, measurements and date, time, distance of my journeys taken to get there. This process of collecting data lends itself similarly to how I collect data in order to create the mapped projections.

Each animation is made to be site-specific and mapped back into that specific space. It is important that I do not change or obstruct the environment too much as I want the architecture to still be visible. The projections enhance these familiar and ordinary spaces by accentuating what is already there. The numbers that trail along the structural architecture highlight the lines and contours of a space, thus my works only come into effect when projected. I want the viewer to be able to feel the same excitement for architectural spaces as I do. I also want to invite a feeling of connection in the spaces I project into. This aspires for others to be able to view and experience artwork outside of a traditional gallery context.

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Instagram: @mibewr