Laura Kirk

Autumnal, 2021, 31cm x 23cm, Watercolour on watercolour paper

Image description: Pictured on a white A4 piece of textured watercolour paper is an image of an overhanging tree canopy, including two trees one above the other, sprouting from the right side of the paper and ending three quarters across. Its surrounding background is removed leaving the rest of the paper white with the only thing in the image being the tree canopy . It is coloured warm and vibrant tones of orange and red, with the bottom tree orange and the top red, and there is a dark toned brown trunk peaking through the centre of the two trees.

Like many others in lockdown I turned to taking daily walks as an escape. From these walks I began to focus on being present within the environment around me and took pictures of the element of the walk that I found most interesting, inspiring and stimulating. Using these images I isolated the chosen element and recreated it using watercolour. This formed a new image focusing solely on it, removing the element from its original context creating an abstract form and highlighting what I valued. Recreating it in watercolour was successful to me as I enjoy the airy quality it has through being able to see the build-up of tone and colours through the visible layers. Thus, enhancing further how interesting, inspiring and stimulating I find the image.

Instagram: @laurakirkdesigns