Ruby Eady

Gazpacho’s Chat Show, 2021, stop-motion animation still

Image description: A still from a stop-motion animation, depicting two nonhuman clay characters, sat as if on set of a television talk show. The set is white, with colourful wavy lines as a backdrop, and features a cactus in a matching plant pot. The character on the left is green, with blue boots, sitting on an orange chair. The character on the right is red with yellow boots, sitting on a blue chair. Between them is a multicoloured, amorphic rug.

‘Our Idiolect is Soup’ is a world-building installation, with particular focus on a stop-motion animation, in response to the social anxieties that the pandemic has elicited. The viewer is placed within the recognisably comfortable and familiar setting of a living room, yet are plunged into the uncanny valley. The breakdown of conventional language and creation of new idiolects due to isolation are highlighted, by placing the viewer into a nonsensical fictional-reality with multiple sources of bizarre media consumption, including television and magazines.

Instagram: @ruby.eady