Lora Juckes-Hughes

Hers & Hers, 2020-21, Acrylic on mounted canvas, 59 in. x 39 in

Image description: Close up image of painted dress fabric in a blue/green shade.

Through the medium of acrylic paint, this work focuses on feminine representation through the lens of Western ideologies surrounding gender which are upheld within the 21st century. Hers & Hers encaptures and challenges the metaphorical embodiment of a ‘trophy woman’, who categorically exhibits qualities adhering to Westernised standards of ‘perfection’- not endorsing nor representing intersectionality, nor allowing for individualism.Exploring the power dynamics of owning and ownership over oneself, the work scrutinises patriarchal oppression creating a space separate from reality displaying the figures in a strong position above the audience. Holding their decapitated heads away from the viewers gaze, this insinuates their power and dominance for themselves.

Instagram: @lora.art