Charlotte Evans

Untitled, 2021 Digital image from series

Image description: Monochromatic image. Printed tiles on paper making background against wall, rips for texture. Painted wooden beams propped against the wall in various directions, blending into printed background. White sheet covering the floor.

My practice exists mostly as digital photography and video, but these notably immaterial mediums often diverge with a very material subject matter. Often beginning as an internal reflection into how the ubiquity of digital images affects my own perception, my work materialises into works that evoke sensations of disturbed, warped and dis-orientated perception within others. Layering images is a recurring theme in my practice, and is a technique I value as I reflect upon the extent to which we often mistake the quantity of images as equating to their quality in regard to the digital. The more I am able to disturb our familiar sense of perception in my work using this technique, a greater awareness is fostered towards the unseen baggage of our digital lives.