Ibrahim Ince

all that is left of you (laid out on a table), 2021, virtual reality space shown as a HD video with audio (2:36 mins)

Image description: Still depicting objects on a table, including a cassette tape, a wedding ring and an army helmet, with accompanying subtitle that reads ‘I wander around the table surveying everything I have left of you.’

Ibrahim Ince is an artist and researcher, mainly producing installation and sculpture based and, lately, virtual reality works. His artistic processes are intended to capsulise, fragment or erupt archival materials. He positions himself as a ‘translator’ of untold stories and aims to reconfigure oral and optic traces under archives’ dust into a new form. Through dissecting his family’s repressed memories – often based on Cyprus’ violent internal conflict – he aims to find a catharsis in them; an artistic representation and resolution of deposited traumas. His current series all that is left of you tackles the loss of his grandfather to the 1974 war in Cyprus. Working through objects that is left of him provide a way into reflecting and mourning. 

His making often incorporates the use of diverse processes, such as chemically crystallising or 3D scanning objects, so as to establish a practice which blurs the lines of science, technology and archeology. His theoretical research areas involve archival science, digital heritage and object-oriented ontology which feed his attentiveness to materiality. 

Recent projects include a virtual reality space for the digital Ars Electronica Festival and a performance art piece for Cyprus Queer Perspectives. Ince is the upcoming Artist-In-Residence for CYENS – Thinker Maker Space in Nicosia, Cyprus.

Instagram: @iboince
Website: ibrahimince.info

Email: ibrahimlatifince@hotmail.com