Lauren Dickinson-Smith

Clowning Around, 2021, Oil Paint on Canvas (40cmx50cm), Transcript on Paper (A4)

Image description: This is one painting out of a series of three, using oil paint on canvas. This piece displays a young man, dressed in a clownish costume with a forlorn expression and a wild and bright background.

Embarrassment is a huge presence in social scenarios. Whether this is painful or humorous, these situations stick with us as a development to character and personality. Using this as a focus point, I have interviewed individuals on their stories concerning a moment they felt exposed or humiliated. From this I have painted a piece of how I see them in their moment of discussing the story. The vulnerability, amusement and apprehensive expressions surrounding a short moment all betray the voice of the story of which I have tried to capture. Partnered with a transcript of conversation, I present these two pieces together as a storytelling technique to welcome an audience and invite them in to embrace a familiar feeling.

Instagram: @elle.paint