Elika Norowzian

Free Fall 0.1, Film Still, 23.04.21

Image description: This is a film still of a person in the sky being reflected in a mirror.

I have been investigating physical and metaphysical aspects of ‘the act of falling’ this year. I have been creating short films and kinetic machines embodying concepts such as momentum, acceleration, suspension and free fall. From starting at the physical point of looking at how something falls, the work slowly evolved into more of a philosophical narrative. In which, I was examining theories such as; Cause and Effect, the Domino Theory and Fate. By working with automatic kinetic machines, in which a sequence is set off that leads to another element being activated and a final event occurring, I have been engaging with the idea of art only existing once at a singular event. By making art that is out of your control and occurs in sequential action, the ideas of irreversible fate is being played out. Likewise, I have been writing a film essay alongside these works which visually indulges in forms of falling and adds an emotional context to the project as a whole.

Instagram: @norowzian_e
Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/user17593185

Email: elikanorowzian@googlemail.com