Ellen Falcucci-Lear

All we have, 2021, oil on canvas, 80x60cm

Image description: A long-limbed and skeletal figure suspended/free-falling in a void with light eminating from their nipples and between their legs.

In a deep exploration of what it means to be ‘feminine’ in today’s society, Ellen Falcucci-Lear aims to bring forward images of what a world can look like if it was created to make everyone comfortable, not just the middle class white man. Delving into nature, self love and valuing knowledge over money are all things that some people are desperate for and some people despise of. Falcucci-Lear creates a visual stimulus of what the world could look like if we just listened to each other.

Instagram: @_ellen.f.l_paints

Email: ellenfalcuccilear@gmail.com