Cameron Gill

Corner-eye Chimney, 08/05/21, Digital sculpture

Image description: This piece shows the digital abstract replication of one of the many millions of chimneys.

Thrown into the centre, stoned on the repetition, working in a cube and paying money to talk to screens, watching digital lips smack together on how this box looks slightly better than this box. Through this sheer monotony has never been a more important time to realise how blind we are in appreciating ourselves as a phenomenon. Take yourself out of your shell, your body, and begin to appreciate the insane magnitude and intricacy of the man-made structures around you. You are a visitor and these things will outlast your stay, and however sickening the rows upon rows of brick and cement may look, it is paramount to accept that this Corporal poison is our doing, and our undoing; our hand-made God. The shapes in which the world finds itself transforming into only turn more and more violent, with societal intentions only becoming more apparent. This digitally sculpted and animated work of mine is an ode to the future.