Bethanie Monk

Paper Braid Entwined around Weeds. 2021. Newspaper, Weeds. 0.5m x 0.5m

Image description: Image shows a braid made out of newspaper wrapped around dandelions.

My practice concerns art therapy and mental health. In particular I am interested in the way art can be used therapeutically to benefit the individual. My work revolves around the repetitive act of braiding and how the process allows me to work through my own mental health struggles. I use materials that have served their purpose, such as plastic wrappers, old fabric and newspapers as I find great appeal in giving these materials a new life. The resulting sculpture is a physical representation of my experiences this year. I have also explored the act of taking the art and installing it outside which I have documented through photography. This developed through a need to adapt to new circumstances during the pandemic and a desire to show my work in new ways.

Instagram: @bethaniemonkart