Katie Dickinson

kairos (2020), still from video projection-installation

Image description: Still from a video of a plastic sheet floating against a clear blue sky, which is projected onto industrial pipes on the ceiling in a dark room. Has a slight pink tinge to it.

My practice explores how time can be encapsulated by and manipulated within a moving image. Particularly due to the deceleration of ‘normal life’ over the last year, the passage of time has felt increasingly confusing, often seeming as if it is moving painstakingly slowly yet still too fast to completely process. In response to this sense of temporal disorientation, my work seeks to prolong fleeting moments and motions in time through slow-motion video. Many of these recorded moments are seemingly banal (such as an old plastic dust sheet being thrown above the camera), but become surreal when slowed down, as the eye is able to absorb the subtle micro-movements it would have otherwise missed at an ordinary pace. The way this transformation is largely achieved only by extending the moment’s finite duration is especially intriguing to me, and plays upon German philosopher Walter Benjamin’s idea that effects like slow motion not only ‘present familiar qualities of movement but reveal in them entirely unknown ones’.

Link to Video: https://vimeo.com/506364502

Instagram: @katie.dickinson.art

Email: katiedickinson.art@gmail.com