Jazzy Usiskin

Notation 8, Three Black Lines, 2021, Multimedia collage photocopied onto paper, 23.4 x 33.1 inch

Image description: The image is a photograph of an abstract black and white multimedia photocopied collage on paper. The collage is made up of different abstract marks, textures and layers, coming together to create a graphic score, a visual representation of audio as a visual.

Sound subsides in an invisible realm. I have always been fascinated by the visualisation of sound, uncovering sounds invisibility and questioning ways of visually seeing what we hear.

My practice consists of rendering the intangible, creating multimedia visual interpretations of sound and music through drawings, collage, and print. Through translating sound into vision and vice versa my work highlights a binding relationship between the visual and the sonic, challenging the silence of images and the invisibility of sound.

This translation between the sonic and visual is demonstrated within my processes. Fascinated by electronic sounds the use of materials is considered, starting with analogue processes of drawing and collage, the scores are then manipulated, subverted, and replicated using the mechanical means of the photocopier and printer.

Working abstractly, my practice does not seek to directly represent sound, but interpret, with the intentions of creating new possibilities in terms of sonic composition, exposing, and encouraging a more holistic perspective of this translation and relationship between sound, composition, and vision.

I invite you to listen and respond to my works, visually and sonically.
Free interpretation is essential and welcomed.

Instagram: @_usiskin_

Email: jazzyusiskin@hotmail.co.uk