Eleanor Dunn

If You Want Something Done, 2021. Graphite pencil on paper, 28cm x 28cm

Image description: This piece alludes to self pleasure and is tiled into 4 individual drawings. It demonstrates the autonomy of pleasure, and challenges the suffocating norm of interdependency..

One of the best possible ways a person can look closer at a subject is by drawing it, and this is where my practice begins. In my work I use solely graphite pencil to recreate images as accurately as I can. It allows me to interrogate subjects in obsessive detail, and find qualities that may seem unnoticeable in real life. The subject that I choose to look closer at is that of sex and physical connection. Through the meticulous process of realistic drawing, each blemish, expression and imperfection is recreated to build an image of raw feeling. The grotesqueness of a single strand of hair or a fold of skin is amplified to find the beauty in reality. My work aims to discover the synergy between what is ugly and what is pleasurable.

Instagram: @eleanordunndrawings

Email: eleanor.rebecca.work@gmail.com