Beau Roberts

Wrap and Surround, 2021, oil on canvas, 40 x 26.5 cm

My painting practice is a way for me to visually express how I am feeling about the world around me. I produce paintings depicting myself or the people closest to me. The subject of a painting is purely dependant on my personal experience. The pandemic has led to more introspection than before, which has resulted in producing more self-portraits. I have also gazed at a screen for longer than I ever have in the past year, which has directed me to contemplate our human relationship with technology and how it plays a role in my practice. These thoughts are mediated through the act of painting. The interaction that I have with the paint on a surface is integral in all of my paintings. I paint unhurried and in a state of calm. This allows me more time to consider the marks I am making. The physicality of oil paint allows me to form textures and depth by altering the transparency of the paint. The colours I use are decided before I paint. I often paint in pairs of colour because the way in which one colour interacts and affects the other is a constant exploration within my body of work.