Katie Youdale

Untitled, film, length unknown

Image description: The film is black and white, and displays the my relationship with a friend, who is a large rag doll man I created. The sound is ambient and atmospheric, including a heartbeat, rain and ticking clocks, along with a general poetic narration which recalls some of my childhood memories.

My artistic practice concerns the internal lives of people, often with an archival basis. Generally, I aim to transform personal, imagined or unseen narratives into tangible states. Specifically, childhood memories, dreams and sentimentality are often actualised as textile forms, writing and installation. More recently, my work has centred around revisiting childhood imagination as an adult, and exploring the uncomfortable and disturbing feeling this may bring to a piece. My current project explores imaginary friends, reconnecting to my own childhood imagination. I have created a life-size rag doll sculpture, who is tightly bound to me as its creator and its friend. An adult version of a soft toy, the human form evokes perversion as I, a grown woman, act in an unexpectedly tactile way towards it. I have also made a diary that documents my close relationship to him. Ultimately, the work comments on the boundaries of comfortability.

Instagram: @katieyoudale.art