Beth Waite

Nurturing the Feminine Soul, 2021, digital photograph, 6000 x 4000 px

Image description: A digital photograph showing a figure stood in the centre of the frame, with green woodland and bluebells behind. The figure is dressed in a neutral yellow jumper, grey long skirt and black boots, with their head and face covered by a headpiece consisting of pinecones. They are cradling a bunch of sticks within their arms, and the bottom of their skirt is wet from kneeling on the ground.

My practice is rooted in my experience as a woman, linked to a larger shared experience of the feminine, its histories and its mysticism. My work facilitates a connection between the physical and spiritual through feminist structures, ritual and performance. These ideas are materialised through film, sculpture, performance and photography; I work with mediums which reflect and facilitate this contextual basis. I explore the feminine away from, or in contention with, patriarchal violence and the male gaze. My work does not exist in complete reality nor fantasy, but the in-between; the home of the feminine soul.

Instagram: @beth_waite_