Chloe Atkar

Disco?, 2020, chalk pastels on paper, 81cm x 81cm

Image description: ‘Disco?’ Uses repetition of text found amongst graffiti to create an image of a disco ball. Using chalk pastels on paper, the drawing creates a sphere of colour formed by words. From a distance the piece looks to be abstract marks made but on closer inspection, it is visible that the image is made from text. This photo depicts the drawing documented on a wall amongst graffiti of a similar colour pallet.

Inspired by graffiti, my work draws from found text, colours and forms in order to create paintings and drawings that explore relationships between text and image. Through processes of laying and repetition my most recent work aims to blur distinctions between text and image, by creating image from text or text from image. Forming busy picture planes, my work aims to be visually challenging and invite closer observation. My practice aims to force the viewer to look closely at the recontextualised forms of graffiti, that are often overlooked as a menial part of daily life.

Instagram: @chloeatkarart