Evie Hubbard

Text Me When You Get Home, 2021, Poetry Zine on 50gsm Layout Paper, 8x6inches approx.

Image description: Close up still image of a hand turning a page of a poetry zine. Black ink on white paper reading, “Didn’t you tell him to fuck off?”

My practice concerns itself with an interest in form, communication and feminine identity, existing often as spacial sculpture, and drawing across multiple media. Reflecting this currently through the use of text and language; researching how written language is interpreted in forms of communication and colloquialism, my work challenges the notion that female artists must create work under the blanket style of the ‘feminine’, and notably explores the narrative of feminine mysticism. I am currently exploring forms of logographic language – creating alphabetic symbols in place of formal, textual communication, inspired by ancient future-telling techniques (rune stones / tarot readings). I have been translating logographic icons into playing cards, referencing the shared colloquialisms of safety between women, and producing a poetry zine inspired by my walks alone as a woman, under the collective title ‘Text Me When You Get Home’.

Instagram: @evieisdrawing
Website: https://www.flickr.com/photos/185070299@N02/

Email: evierh@icloud.com