Beth Herbert

Imagined Spaces, Acrylic on Paper, 84″ x 33″ each, x4 panels

Image description: A large-scale abstract painting on paper, 7 foot tall, 11 foot wide. Painting has washes of colour with elements of archways, windows, and bricks. A colourful mural containing pinks, oranges, navy, white, and blues.

In this project I was keen to develop my painting. I enjoy making large abstract pieces, but wanted to push this further.

I begun by thinking about spaces, reflecting on lockdown and being restricted. I wanted to push the boundaries of the way we see art by making paintings which viewers can step into. It is about the viewer experiencing the painting, not just seeing.

I took photos and drawings in response to places in Leeds City, as well as rural places from home for visual content. I amalgamated these contrasting rural and urban spaces to form one false ‘place’. My aim is for viewers to feel a sense of joy ‘stepping’ into this fantasy space. There is an indication of buildings through arches of doorways and windows etc. which I incorporated with the contrast of quiet landscapes.

An important focus for me is layering through various transparencies and differing brushstrokes. When choosing the colour palette I exaggerated the natural colours around me, in particular from autumn and sunsets.

Instagram: @aphra_art