Natalie Lap Ting Cheung

64, 2020. Installation and Performance. Mixed Media, 200cm x 50cm x 80cm

Image description: The typewriter is being placed on a desk and a roll of paper is being fed into it. The paper is then sent through a shredder which makes everything just typed out on the paper destroyed. On the paper are all censorship words and phrases that are being banned online in China.

My artwork explores a critical view of cultural, social and political issues. Often focusing on current social issues, in order to reveal the hidden truth overlooked by the public. Various subjects have been involved, such as the social movement in Hong Kong, the mythology of China and the modern history of the Chinese Communist Party. A large range of materials is being used throughout my practice, but most of them are using the same abstraction of ideas where it seems more like an invention than a piece of artwork. I usually decontextualize and reconstruct the idea until it looks visually exciting yet the context is still clearly there. Materials are gathered from different places and combined, investigating the history and origin of the piece at the same time.

Instagram: @nc_lt