Martha Harris

Mush (still), 2021. Mixed media animation using lino print, wax resist silk, and digital line. 1:1. Narrated by Georgia Harris

Image description: A still of phallic, white tentacles swarming out of a toilet drawn in inks and made up of batik (wax resist) silks.

I am an installation and film-based artist and have become interested in surrealist animation as a means of storytelling. These animations are mixed media using lino print, wax resist dyeing, ink drawing and finally digital line. It is my aim to tell stories of womanhood and queer nuances through peculiar poetry, free-drawing and visual motifs so that they feel not entirely lucid.

For instance, ‘Nits’ was developed from research into how love between two women/femmes tends to be through acts of service and familial forms of love. The nit stems from grooming and grew to symbolise the way love tingles and itches so intensely in these small, yet really resonant, acts. I am then intending for ‘Mush’ to play as a feminist allegory told through the metaphor of sewage. In thinking of the sewer system as a dark alleyway where we discard a part of our body and ourselves, and also waste as something that is manhandled, the whole idea of manhandling (a very shared experience for people who are female-presenting) is made particularly hideous.

Instagram: @heyjunoshop