Briege Thomas

Wires, Group II (2021) Wire sculpture x4, Varying sizes

Image description: This image shows four wire sculptures of varying sizes (approximately 1″ x 2″ x 2″). There is one green wire sculpture in the foreground, with three others in the background in a horizontal line. The far right sculpture of the background row is green, while the others are normal silver wire. All are surrounded on all sides by a white background.

I am primarily a sculptor, with a particular interest in the tactility of objects and their physicality. This is rooted in an appreciation of objects themselves, and their varying characteristics and functions. I often start with investigations, such as into the rigidity of wood, or the bounciness of foam which lead into a physical work. Previous explorations have included atypical materials like wooden loading pallets and pipe insulation. My work in the Fickle Spaces show emerged out of an interest in the crossover between sculpture and its photographic representation. The sculpture series ‘Wires’ (2021), through photographic prints on various surfaces, will be presented in a way that blurs this line: encouraging the 2D to become sculptural.