Lara Delabere Grint

Dry Your Tears (2021). Clear acrylic, white sheet, wooden block, 102 x 20 cm

Image description: Image shows heat-bent clear acrylic piece sitting on top of a wooden block which has been covered by a white sheet.

My practice concerns the idea of expectation violation in materials. This is the idea there are expectations of how a material will look and behave, and that by transferring the characteristics of very different materials such as concrete to cloth, these predisposed ideas of material are violated. Further to this, the presentation of these materials to the viewer is important. I want it to be clear that one material has a different role to the initial assumptions of the viewer, to play on those assumptions. A large part of my work explores translucent materials such as glass or plastic, as these materials have connotations to water, with vastly different characteristics. The fluidity of these materials and the visual links to solid and liquid states has influenced the direction of my practice, and remains my central focus. This has led to the incorporation of silicone into my work, as a material which appears strong and solid, but acts more like rubber.