Hang Zhang

Nonsentence, 2020. Installation. 1 x 1.2 x 1 m. Glass, Krypton, wood, a switch box, and electricity

Image description: Nonsentence shows the infinite possibilities of language, is a sculptural form of asemic writing.

Art is boring. I often forget that I’m doing it or that I consider myself an artist. I don’t and can’t do art just for the sake of art. I always doubt the quality of myself being an artist. I appreciate art as a media for me to explore the contents of any subject. And the contents I want to explore always come before the form of art I use. I’m too logic-driven to be a traditional artist. What I do is to acknowledge things and then analyse the logic behind or operating them. Next, I try to make the result of my ponderings presentable outside my mind, and it occasionally look like artwork.

My works challenge the boundaries of art, explore the potential of various disciplines, including asemic writing, animal language, extraterrestrial life, mortality, and cult. The materials I use in my work vary based on each work’s theme, what material I could find, and what the venue is. My work needs to have a playful presentation. Luminaire, bold colours, and funky assemblages are what I usually go for.

Website: http://hangzhangartsyfartsy.com/

Email: hangzhang823@gmail.com