Helenya Apostolou

BL, 2021, 36 A3 acrylic screen-prints on paper, 178.2cm (height) x 252cm (width). The first in a series of three entitled ‘BL I NK’

Image description: Image of cyan (blue) screen-prints arranged in a 6×6 grid to form an a large picture of an open eye.

I make bold, acrylic screen-prints to highlight bodily functions, celebrating the inescapable requirements of our mechanical forms. Movements which keep us living; movements which make us human though we cannot control them; involuntary movements. Screen-printing is a physical, messy and time-consuming process, which my work imparts through its finer details such as smudges, bleeds and uneven textures. These aspects hint at the unembellished production of my work, focusing on the process and introducing an element of raw, human, unpredictability, which asserts itself even in finished pieces.

My work anchors itself in print making, since CMYK is the traditional signifier of all things print-related. The use of foundational colours reflect the base, instinctive movements my practice currently surrounds. An interest in motion versus stillness has impressed itself onto my screen-printing practice. I play with presentation to affect the speed at which the movements are viewed. By spreading out my prints of stop-motion stills and giving space between each image, a quick movement is slowed down for viewers. Enlarging movement also exaggerates it, drawing a heightened focus to mechanical motions of the living human form. Motions which get overlooked and forgotten about, until they are preserved in stillness and magnitude.

Instagram: @helenyaart
Website: https://helenyaapostolou.carbonmade.com/