Navigate — live broadcast — 17 December 2020

Final year undergraduate Fine Art students from the University of Leeds invite you to an hour long online broadcast.

From different locations around the country, we will be streaming and navigating our event on Facebook Live.

Where do we find ourselves situated?

What situations do we find ourselves navigating in? 

As we navigate our practices in a space both alone and together: online / offline, connecting / buffering.

Fumbling amidst disjointed practices and small victories; the in-between of it all.

In this moment — the just before, the just after, an ongoing navigation — lies the uncertainty between the desired route and the completion. Planning / adjusting.

Through real-time and performative elements, we will be:

[Navigating] the digital realm, making work in a digital realm 
[Navigating] our practices 
[Navigating] everyday life 
[Navigating] space, mapping space 
[Navigating] where we find ourselves situated
[Navigating] meeting each other, working together 

Watch Navigate live

The event will be streamed on Facebook Live. See here for more information.


Navigate, 2020. Image by Lara Delabere Grint.