Scarlet Ford

Mother’s Milk, 2021, photograph of plaster body cast with clear tubing, milk and blood

Image description: Image shows a female breast with a clear tube clasped to a nipple. Thick milk leaks from the nipple and mixes with blood. Both liquids drip down the breast and into a pool of milk diluted with water.

Inspired by dark science fiction and horror, and rooted in varying narratives such as Octavia E. Butler’s ‘Bloodchild’ and Dean Koontz’ ‘Demon Seed,’ the prototype magazine Run_Sim focuses on the theme of birth for its first issue. The point of view of the beauty of childbirth and pregnancy is replaced with a subversive acknowledgment for the fear and pressure placed upon those assigned female at birth to reproduce. The photographic works focus on the 5 themes of Conception, Pod, Horrors of the Womb, First Contact and Mother’s Milk, guiding the reader through the processes of forced insemination and alienation from the mother’s body when it becomes a vessel for the spawn of the stars.

Instagram: @runsim_magazine and @scarlet.wintr