Mary Lodge

Pink Haze, April 2021, Film Still, 00:46

Image description: This is a film still from a 46 second long video called Pink Haze. The image shows an abstracted video which shows 2 layers of footage overlayed on top of each-other. The main colours are bright pink and magenta tones, a faint silhouette of a hand can be seen and some light beams from a stage are also visible.

Being in crowds, surrounded by bodies dancing to the same beat is where I feel at home; my work draws on fragments of my hazy memories of these times. When these events ceased to exist, reminiscing through my archive of film footage struck a chord. The sensory feeling of these moments is achievable, they merely will take a different form.

The audio-visual work that I create endeavours to create an embodied experience for the audience, taking them back, nostalgically, to points in their own life. By engaging with my catalogue of videos and representing these clips as projected visuals and immersive sounds, I stage a performative experience of memory.

The coloured projections bounce off the walls, the sound fills the space, and a dreamy haze is created. We are moved away from the gallery and transported to our imaginative memory. There may be seconds of sound or light which trigger a particular flashback, but in a flash, they are gone.

We can’t quite pinpoint where we have been taken, but we know it was and is, something special.

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