Jenny Brown

The studio is 10.5 bananas wide, 2020. Photographic print, 594 x 420 mm

Image description: Square photograph of an empty studio space, with 10 and a half bananas lined up from one wall to the other. Underneath the image is the caption ‘The studio is 10.5 bananas wide.’

Working primarily with text, drawing and photography.

My work is often relatable, voicing insecurities and doubts on both the experience of mundanity and of making art.

Recently my work has examined the notion of the creative process: the complex, confusing, and sometimes mundane relationship between art, artist and practice. I have been interrogating the line between ordinary action and art-making, questioning what it means to make an artwork. The process of thinking is manifested. Central to this is the body of the artist and concept of the art studio. I am interested in how the studio is defined, and how it exists both physically and mentally as a space for the artist to create work. For me, the studio is the ultimate place of unknowing. The artist goes to the studio to figure out what they are doing, and to do it. As artworks are completed, discarded, or forgotten, the studio is left behind in a perpetual state of unknowing, a revolving door of ideas.

Instagram: @jennytbrown